He is Risen; He’s ALIVE!

We arise this morning out of bed to a day we set aside to Celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ (we actually celebrate it every day). 

Jesus spent time teaching His disciples that He would go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests and teachers of the law and that He must be killed and on the third day be RAISED TO LIFE (Matthew 16:21; Mark 8:31; Luke 9:22). 

Ironically, in Luke’s account (9:21), Jesus strictly warned them not to tell anyone. Why? Is it because they still did not fully understand His role as the Messiah? Yes, He was the conquering King that the scriptures spoke about, But He would die first (pay for the sins of the world, and defeat death) so that we might live. It would be later that they would fully understand how God had it worked out Jesus’ path (just as we will one day, we will understand how God has it worked out for You and I). The disciples needed to trust Jesus, and so do we. 

In Matthew 28:6; Mark 16:6; and Luke 24:5-7 an Angel of the Lord said, “He is not here, He is Risen. In John 20:6-9, Peter and John arrived at the tomb. Peter went in and studied what he saw. John came in after. He saw the burial head cloth folded separate from the linen. He believed.

We have the same choice to make each day. Do we believe that Jesus rose from the dead? Do we put our trust in Him that one day when we die (or He comes back [the resurrection]), we too will rise after we are dead if we have been born again (II Corinthians 5:8; I Thessalonians 4:16-17). 

Today is the day to put your trust in Jesus Christ. If You have, then tell others that He has Risen! He’s Alive. We celebrate His Resurrection with a shout and a praise. Hallelujah to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Jesus is ALIVE!!!