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November 2019

Apologetics Session 4 Solid Answers To Tough Questions About Christianity

Apologetics Session 4
“Solid Answers To Tough Questions About Christianity”

Apologetics Session 3 The Gospels Before The Gospels

Apologetics Session 3
“The Gospels Before The Gospels”

Apologetics Session 2 Why It Takes More Faith

“Apologetics On Fire – Session 2
“Why It Takes More Faith To Doubt The Bible Than To Trust The Bible” 

Apologetics Session 1 Christian Worldview

Apologetics On Fire – Session 1
“Christian Worldview: How God Changes You”

October 2019

Bro. Jimmy 10-20-19 am

“Five Family Commitments”

Bro. Bill 10-13-19 am

“Discover Your Leadership”

Bro. Bill 10-06-19 am

“Discover My Spiritual Gifts”

September 2019

Bro. Bill 09-29-19 am

“A Living Church”

Bro. Bill 09-22-19 am