C H U R C H   M E D I A



March 2020

Bro. Bill 03-29-20 am

 “An Appointment With God”

Bro. Bill 03-22-20 am

“Fearless Confidence in the Lord”

Bro. Jimmy 03-15-20 am

“The Spirit Filled Church”

Bro. Bill 03-08-20 am

“The Secret of Intercession”

Bro. Andy 03-01-20 am

“Our God Whom We Serve”

February 2020

Bro. Bill 02-23-20 am

“A Portrait of Christ”

Bro. Bill 02-16-20 am

“Cherished Principles of Blessing”

Bro. Bill 02-09-20 am

“Dealing with The Stronghold of Despair”

Bro. Bill 02-02-20 am

“Tearing Down the Stronghold of Rejection”

January 2020

Bro. Bill 01-26-20 am

“Dig Out the Poisonous Root of Bitterness”