How to Spell “Respect” to Your Husband

Ephesians 5:33
Proverbs 14:1
Wives don’t need a lot of coaching on being Loving. It is something God built into them, and they do it naturally. (Genesis 3:16)
What are some ways could a woman get off the Crazy Cycle and get back on the Energizing Cycle?_____________________________________________________________________
Loving more does not help!
Should men earn Respect or just be given unconditionally?
What is the “Respect Test”?
What are some things that you wives/girlfriends respect about your husbands/boyfriends?
What is the best way to motivate another person? Meet his or her Deepest needs.
When doing the “Respect Test” you walk by Faith and not by Sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).
Look at his Desires and not his Performance.
             A wife must see what God see.
Reminder – When a husband displeases a wife or a wife displeases her husband, it helps to keep certain scriptures in mind.
            Matthew 26:41 – The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
            Ecclesiastes 7:20 – Indeed, there is not a righteous man (or woman) on the earth who
                                               continually does good or never sins.
Dale Carnegie said: Truly respecting others is the bedrock of Motivation.